The Terrible Truth About Animal Attractions

550,000. That’s how many animals are suffering around the world in tourist attractions at this very moment. But the scary thing isn’t just that these defenceless animals are being mistreated and abused, it’s also the fact that we, as tourists, as people even, don’t seem to question what goes in to ‘train’ and ‘tame’ a wild animal enough to allow us to ride them, hold them, or take a photo with them.

All too often, we turn a blind eye on issues that aren’t standing right in front us. We might see an elephant, saddled up and seemingly ready to be ridden. What we don’t seem to think about is: how did it get there? World Animal Protection reported that 80% of tourists are unaware of the cruelty involved behind the scenes of wildlife venues.

Question what's in front of you

(Image taken from ABC News)

Animals are not actors, and do not deserve to be imprisoned and made a spectacle for human entertainment. Unfortunately, thousands of these animals are forced to perform tricks for audiences, are kept chained or caged in unhygienic and barren enclosures, are often separated from their family and friends, and, as PETA states, many of these animals even pay with their lives. All this suffering endured by animals, often for the sake of a photo for selfish purposes.

September is World Animal Remembrance Month. So here at Fatal Animal Attractions, we’re taking the time to delve deeper into the harsh reality facing animals in the tourism industry. It’s a time to respect and acknowledge animal victims of abuse, cruelty and neglect.

Instead of asking ‘why is this happening’, we’re choosing to focus on ‘stop this from happening’ by educating you and keeping you well informed about what your hard earned money is actually supporting when you visit these animal attractions overseas.

We’re asking you to put aside your desire for a ‘cool’ photo that will get likes from your friends, and instead, put the life of the animal at the forefront of your mind.



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